Finding Your Motivation

March 6, 2012

hardly workingAre you working hard, or hardly working? If you answered, “hardly working” you probably just need to find your inspiration to keep going throughout the day. After all, life is only what you make of it. If you aren’t making much of it you may regret that in the future.

For instance, try reading some hard work quotes to get yourself in the mood. Maybe a new perspective or some inspirational words will perk you up. If you find some quotes you really love, print them out and stick them up around your office for a daily mood booster.

Have you had some coffee today? While it’s not good to foster a regular dependency on caffeine, once in a while we could all use a little energy boost. Go make a pot of coffee in the break room. While you’re at it, ask your co-workers if they could use a boost as well. Sometimes just a simple conversation or a little human interaction can break up the monotony of cubicle life and help  you get energized.

When you have a break, do you stay in your cubicle and play on the computer? This is a bad idea. These few minutes are your chance to rejuvenate, so don’t waste it stuck in the same little space staring at the same old screen. Get outside for a breath of fresh air and a quick walk, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel. Or, you could use the time to strike up a conversation with co-workers and foster some office camaraderie. Whatever you do, just get out of that depression cubicle and give your body and mind a break. That’s what your break is for!

If all else fails, you could just be bored with your job, so ask your boss for some different work or a new responsibility. Most of us feel more competent and energized when we have something new to challenge our minds. Shifting gears a bit may be all you need to re-discover your energy and passion for work.

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