Getting Ready for Your Long Distance Move

December 24, 2011

moversMoving to another state or all the way across the country is an enormous task. Fortunately there are a few shortcuts you can take, that will help make the entire process run more smoothly.

Many people never even think about paying an auto transport company to move their vehicle for them. They either have to drive it themselves, arrange for friends or relatives to help with the task, or tow it behind the moving truck. The first two options might be a huge inconvenience, and towing the car behind your truck can be difficult and even dangerous if you don’t have experience driving large, over-sized vehicles. The auto transport company can pick up your car and drop it off at your new residence. The whole process is very simple and streamlined, and can save you valuable moving time as well as a lot of hassle.

Many people assume they cannot afford thousands of dollars for a moving company, and instead resign themselves to renting a truck moving everything themselves. There is another option, a bit of a shortcut to the whole process, that can both save money and also reduce the amount of actual moving of household items you will need to do. Young college students or others who need odd jobs are often willing to load your truck for a reasonable fee. All you need to do is place an ad on Craigslist asking for movers and offering a cash payment, and you can easily find yourself some reasonably priced and eager workers. If you do the same thing on the Craigslist site for your new city, you can have also workers lined up to unload your truck when you arrive. A pair of young men will often be willing to do this work for around ten dollars an hour each, and you can tip them with a pizza for their lunch break.

If you are able to think creatively and do a little work looking for different options, you can make your move less stressful and minimize the inconvenience, and usually without breaking your budget.

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