How to Support Your Favorite Candidate

December 24, 2011

election map2012 is gearing up to be an exciting election year, and the results of this election will change history. It’s about time to start thinking about how you will support your favorite candidate, especially if you want to volunteer working for their campaign. There are several ways to make your candidate a household name, or just let people know where you stand and who you support.

If you’re helping out in your local campaign headquarters, ordering custom made lapel pins will help to show your support as well as identify all members of the volunteer team. These can also be nice to wear in public, because people will ask you what your pin means and it gives you an opportunity to tell them about your candidate. These pins can be designed and manufactured by the same company, so all you have to do is contact them and get a free quote.

Ever think about how many people see your car each day as you drive around town? That’s the rationale behind bumper stickers. Find a cleverly-worded bumper sticker, or have one designed, that accurately represents your stance. Something other than just the candidate’s name is ideal, because it will be remembered. An interesting or humorous message also makes people curious to learn more.

Everyone has seen the yard signs that always crop up around election time. You can take this a step further and have them placed at major intersections for higher visibility. Just be sure to check the laws of your city to make sure you will be allowed to do this.

Possibly the best way of getting the message out is talking to people directly. All of the above methods provide a way to break the ice and get people to approach you with questions, but if all else fails you can hand out pamphlets or approach others. This approach is not easy, of course, but people are more likely to positively remember a friendly person talking with them than the dozens of signs an other images that confront them during election years.

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