Great Gaming on the Go

January 16, 2012

PS VitaPlaying games on your cell phone might be fun, but there’s only so much those games can do. For a really great gaming experience, portable gaming systems like the Playstation Vita are the way to go. These handy little devices slip right into your pocket, yet offer the best, most up-to-date technology in gaming.

One of the best features of the PS Vita is that is comes with the ability to connect with AT&T’s mobile broadband network, and also has wifi capability. This means you can not only carry your favorite games with you no matter where you go, but you carry the ability to connect with other players as well. The Vita acts not only as a gaming system, but as a way to keep up with your friends in the gaming world wherever you are. If you’re in a location with limited reception for mobile broadband, just switch over to wifi and keep playing.

The PS Vita is innovative in another way. It was designed to integrate the real world with the game world. To accomplish this goal, it comes with not one, but two multi-touch surfaces. There is a five inch touch screen on the front of the device, and a touch pad on the back. Either surface can be used to manipulate the game or interact with characters within the game through tapping or swiping your fingers. The Vita also has two cameras, front and back, and dual analog sticks for controlling games. All of Playstation’s popular game franchises have signed on to create games for the Vita, and PS Vita hacks have already been released online.

For gamers who want to play the newest and best games on the go, and stay connected with friends in the gaming world, the PS Vita includes all the tools to make any video game enthusiast happy. The games are sure to be a hit, so pre-order your system now to be sure you will receive one on the release date in February.

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